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Blog Winners

You can see some of our previous blog winnners below. 

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Winner - Friendship Submitted By: Nichole On: 10/9/2011
friendship is about 2 people or maybe more who are good friends. That are there for each other and that care for each other and Just good friends. You might have your ups and downs but your still good...
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Winner - The Journey Home Submitted By: Owen On: 5/7/2011
It was nine oclock, 6th April 2011. My eyelids felt as if they were lined with lead as the plane touched down in Birmingham airport. We were just arriving back in Britain after an Easter break to sunn...
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Winner - My first trip to London Submitted By: Sophie On: 30/4/2010
My first trip to London I was woken up by my alarm at around 6 am, I waited 5 minutes then my auntie came in. I went in the shower to wake up a bit, as it was still very early. I put my make up on,...
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Winner - Fruity Friday Submitted By: Sophie-Rose On: 5/1/2010
Hello my name is Sophie-Rose and Im going to tell you what Fruity Friday is. In my old primary school (Blackwood Primary) once every year we had a day when we would come to school in silly fruit costu...
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Winner - My holiday Submitted By: Lauren On: 11/11/2009
In Augest I went to Disneyland, Orlando in America. I had to get up at 6.30am to go to the aiport to get on a plane at 11.45am. I spent half the time at the aiport sleeping and the other h...
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Winner - My day out at Oakwood Park! Submitted By: charlotte On: 1/7/2009
One day i went to Oakwood park and i was freaking out because i seen the Mega Phobia and my brother told me that it wasnt that scary so i believed him. When i sat in the seat i was so scared th...
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Winner - Blackpool sunday19th april09 Submitted By: Lauren On: 28/4/2009
I was awake at 6:00am and went down stairs to have my hair and make up done then i had black face paint put on my hair. I then went over the Tower Ballroom and supported my little sister dance he...
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Winner - dancing disaster! Submitted By: olivia On: 2/2/2008
Last year when I was in Pontins I had won a dancing competition and had the chance to perform infront of about 700 people!. I was very nervous backstage and all of a sudden they called my na...
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Winner - The newspaper man! Submitted By: Lauren On: 29/10/2007
One cloudy day my mother had just finished work and i had just finished school.so as we came to the bus stop my mother asked me to get her a paper,so i walked up to the guy who was wearing a blue jack...
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Winner - A funny day at the cinema! Submitted By: Sandra On: 2/4/2007
Well, you will never guess what happened on my day out with my friends! We all went out to the cinema to watch one of our favorite film 'Norbit'. When we had got there we bought our tickets an...
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