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Eating Disorders

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When you spend a lot of time with your friends you may notice changes in their eating habits that worry you.  Or you may also notice them acting differently or feel they have changed.  Are you worried they have an eating disorder? 

Signs to look out for are them often talking about weight and shape, saying things like:

  • "I need to lose weight"

  • "If only I were slimmer, I would be happy"

Or you might find yourself thinking:

  • "My cousin only talks about food or the shape of her body. She is very critical of herself and puts herself down all the time."

  • "My brother tries to be perfect in every way. He worries all the time about what other people think of him."

  • "My friend only thinks about her weight and her body shape."

  • "My friend sometimes starts eating and canít stop."

  • "My sister has become very distant from us. She seems to keep herself away from her friends and family."

  • "My friend keeps disappearing into the toilet. I donít think she even knows she has a problem."

If this sounds familiar it may mean that your friend has a problem with food or may have an eating disorder. People with an eating disorder may eat too much, eat very little, or refuse to eat. This is often because they feel unhappy, angry or distressed.

If you are worried about a friend or relative you can contact the Eating Disorders Association for advice and support.  Donít be worried about contacting them as talking to someone will make you feel better and it is the first step to a friend or relative getting help.  They will listen to what you have to say and offer suggestions that may help.  You can contact the Eating Disorders Association on 0845 634 7650 or email talkback@edauk.com.  You can even text them on 07977 493 345.  They are open 4.30pm to 8.30pm on weekdays and 1pm to 4.30pm on Saturdays.  To read more information about Eating Disorders visit www.edauk.co.uk
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