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Go For It
Photograph of a basketball player

Whether itís on a race track, in the pool or on a pitch all exercise is good for you.  It makes you feel great, gives you more energy and is a great way of meeting new people.  It doesnít matter how good you are as long as you are giving it 100%.  Many young people like to compete in sport whether itís at local, county or national level or just with their friends or in a club.  In this section of the website you can read about Ďgoing 4 ití.  By this we mean being the best you can and giving it everything you have got. 

We have blogs for you to read from some of the UKís top elite athletes and podcasts for you to download to take you inside the world of sport.  You can also find out how you can get involved in sport in your local area, read about the Olympic Games and download some flexibility plans to get your exercise off to a great start.

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