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Food and diet preparation for Beijing
Date: 29/2/2008

This month I have been fairly busy. I have had appointments with my nutritionists and doctor. My appointment went very well with my doctor. He was checking that there was not anything wrong with me as I haven't been feeling very well lately. He was making sure that it was still ok for me to train. Everything ended up being fine and I was allowed to train by doing my normal programme.

My appointment with my nutritionist, Ruth, went well. We have come up with a plan of when I should be eating, before and after training. She has also written down the different foods I should eat at these times. We looked at yoghurt drinks as well as a recovery drink as it takes me quite a long time to get back from the gym or track as I use public transport to get around. Ruth has also helped me with an eating plan for Beijing if I get to go because I find it hard to eat when I am in other countries. This really isn't good for me as I do not run very well in training and it affects me for the whole time I am there. Seeing Ruth, I have cut out eating lots of takeaways and eating less chocolate. I maybe have takeaways once every two months and a chocolate bar once a week if that.

Lately I have been going on walks with my Mum at the weekends. I got my Mum a puppy at Christmas, her name is Rosie. She has recently had her injections so she can now go outside for walks. I really enjoy doing this as it makes a change from what I usually do which is mainly training.

Also this month I have been sitting my prelims in school, which are mock exams. I passed them, but I still have to do a lot more work to get a good grade. I have started getting a tutor for English and Biology. With help from them I should definitely pass my exams in May. My school have also given me more study periods and let me drop P.E and swimming which are compulsory in my school. This has given me a better opportunity to do my homework on time.

  libby lifting weights  
For the last week I have been in Colchester visiting my boyfriend who is in the army. I have come to see him on my week off school. Before I could go to Colchester though I had to find a running tack and a suitable gym, luckily I found both. My coaches gave me a training programme for the week so I didn't lose fitness.

My boyfriend, Simon, and I have done quite a lot while I have been here. We have been to the cinema, which I hardly ever get to do while I am training and in school at the same time. We also went out to eat at some really nice places that sold good food. One night we went to Aqua Springs to chill out which was really good because it relaxed me a lot. On Friday we went to the zoo. I haven't been for years. I had a really good time there.

Next month I am having my 18th birthday party! I am having it before my actual birthday as my boyfriend won't be here on my birthday. I am having a party in the village hall with all my friends from school, running and where I live. I am really looking forward to it. I have made my Mum in charge as I don't want to worry about whether everything is going to plan or not. I will also be sitting my Biology prelim which I haven't done yet so I have been doing lots of revision. I will also be celebrating one of my close friend's birthdays by going out for a meal with a few people. Overall I am really excited for next month to come. I've got to pick out an outfit for my party!

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