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Libby turns 18
Date: 31/3/2008

This month I had my 18th birthday party! It was the best thing that happened this month and I had a great time! It was really good, all of my friends came and everyone had a good time. I didn't manage to get many pictures of myself at my party as my Mum had the camera and forgot. I wasn't very happy. I was getting stressed out on the day. My worst nightmare was if no one turned up. But everyone came so that fear vanished. I got lots of exciting presents and I was glad most people could make it.

  libby dres shopping  
A couple of weeks ago, I went to a dress shop to get my prom dress for my leavers prom. My Mum and I chose it and I will be getting it really soon. It needs to be fitted and I need to find shoes that will suit the dress. I am getting the dress in a dark green/blue.

I went to a squad this month and got to spend some time with my guide runner Lincoln. We did some protocol testing on the Saturday which is what we usually do. On the Sunday myself and Lincoln did some training of our own as we haven't really had a chance to run with each other in a while. Later on in the afternoon, everyone had to do an anti-doping programme. If the anti-doping drugs team want to test me they need to know where I am going to be in the next three months. I have to fill in a calendar to say where I will be. I need to do this every three months so they have got some time to plan when they are going to test me. I found the software quite easy to use after a bit of practice.

I have also seen my nutritionist this month, we have come up with a rotor of what I am supposed to eat and when I am supposed to eat it. The rotor tells me what I am eating before training and what I am eating after. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner but depending on the day, what I have to eat varies. I see my nutritionists on a regular basis so she can check that I am keeping to my healthy diet. Training has been continuing as normal and I have cut my gym sessions down now and I will be doing more on the track.

School has been keeping me quite busy. Lately I have been getting a lot of homework as it is getting closer to my exams. My extra tuition is helping me a lot and I am now getting a better understanding of my work.

Next month it is the start of the Ester holidays I am going to Birmingham to see my guide runner Lincoln and to train in his training group. I am going down for a week so I can get some intense training done with him before the competition season starts. It isn't that far away now. I will be also training with my friend Katrina who is also on the Great Britain squad and I look forward to that. Hopefully I will be able to do a bit of shopping as the shops aren't that great near where I live. Also in the holidays, I will be spending some time with my Dad we are hoping to go to the beach one day as I haven't seen very much of him in a while. I also have a review with my manager and my coach. I think Lincoln will probably come to it as well to see how things are going. My review is just to check how everything is going as we are coming up to Beijing and we will be discussing the summer plans. That's everything from this month. I will be writing again next month, I hope everything I have talked about interests you.

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