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Libby prepares for the future
Date: 30/4/2008
This month I have been fairly busy. My training programme has changed and I am now training in Edinburgh throughout the week. I will be training with Edinburgh Woollen Mill Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Bob. I do strength and conditioning on Mondays and Wednesdays with Neil. On Saturday and Sundays I train at home and I do hill repeats and drills.

In the past few weeks I have had quite a lot of appointments with all the people who help me. I have been to see my nutritionist, physio, psychologist and lifestyle coach. With my nutritionist I have been making lists of the foods I like and what I should eat if I go to Beijing. There will be a massive food court at the camp in Beijing and I do not want to be putting on weight while I am there. My physio has been checking that I am in good shape and that my strength and conditioning is not affecting my body in a negative way. My psychologist discussed my sleep patterns and how I can get to sleep easier after training.

I have also met up with my lifestyle coach who told me about the different options I have for staying in Edinburgh over the summer holidays. I have chosen to go into a self catering flat as I am quite picky with food. I felt this would be the best option for me as I will have a bit more independence. I then met my manager and my coach. This went well and a lot of the things discussed have given me a better idea of where I am in terms of my speed at the moment. I was also able to say how much the service providers have helped me, such as my nutritionist and my psychologist. This gave my manager an idea of much they had been helping me.

I have also been to Birmingham to do some training with my guide runner Lincoln. I spent five days there and did a lot of training. We worked on our starts mainly as we need to practice them as we haven't trained together for a long time. We needed to do this as it is coming close to the competition season and I will need to make sure that I am up to scratch with my technique and starts. It is very complex running with a guide runner as everything has to be perfectly in sync. If you don't come out of the start blocks at the same time then the whole race can be ruined as it is very hard to get back in sync.

This weekend I had my first competition of the season. I didn't run too badly especially as there was a strong head wind and I haven't raced all year. I was quite pleased with my performance but still felt I could have done better. My times weren't great but the good news is I felt great when I was running.

  Libby at the birthday party  
It was also my friends 18th birthday and we went out for a meal. It was really nice and everyone had a good time. It is her party next week and I am really looking forward to it. I have got my outfit ready, and I can't wait to see all my friends and have a great time with everyone! I enjoy going out and doing different things with my friends as I don't get to do normal teenager stuff usually.

In the next couple of months I have got exams (scary stuff!) and I have selection for Beijing. I am hoping everything will go well!

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