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Things heat up in training
Date: 30/4/2009
  Tom by the pool  
I'm currently writing this diary entry from the poolside in San Diego California! I arrived here on the 7th of April and am not coming home until the 14th of May! I really am a big fan of warm weather training as you can really get down to some good training without having the everyday distractions that I face back in the UK, so when UK Athletics said they would contribute funding to my trip I thought it was an offer I could not refuse!

The facilities here are great, we are based at the Olympic Training Institute and they really do have all the facilities and more that any athlete could wish for and when you combine that with the weather you can start to see why so many people have been travelling from Europe for so many years.

When I arrived I got into training pretty quickly and I got the all clear from my physio that I could start to train in spikes! This sounds quite dull to some people but to me it was great, I had been trundling around in my trainers for the month of March and was starting to get fed up with the weight of them!

  Training Group  

I would have loved to have competed in a few sprint competitions out here, as they are always very competitive with great conditions so you have a real chance of getting a personal best. However I decided that I would stay a long way from them and focus my attention on long jumping, as I feel I am a little bit behind in my technical preparations.

I have had some great sessions so far, probably the one that sticks out to me was my run-up session towards the end of the month. I have been working on changing the structure by starting off a little more relaxed at the start and building up speed until I am close to maximum at the board. I did this 5 times and was very happy with how I was running so I decided that I would put a jump on the end of it. I have to say I was a little nervous and scared to say the least. It had been quite a while since I had attempted to run 25mph and jump the distance of 2 small cars. I talked myself round though and faced up to it as I knew I had to do it sooner or later. Thankfully everything went a lot better than I thought and I managed to leap 8 metres on my second effort.

I was really happy with this and decided that I would stop there. My old coach used to tell me that whenever you took the body to place where it had not been for a while you were in a dangerous place and had a much higher chance of injury.

I better go and jump in the pool as I'm getting a little too hot! What a life no?!.... we athletes are really fortunate to do what we do and I certainly can say if anyone reading this does feel they have the talent to do it then do! I start competing next month so fingers crossed!

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