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After the World Champs
Date: 14/12/2009
For those of you who don't usually follow gymnastics you may have first heard of me when I won the silver medal in the all round competition of the World Championships in October. This was in front of a home crowd at the O2 Arena in London. I was the first Britain to win a medal in the all round competition at a Gymnastics World Championships so it was an amazing achievement for me and the team I work with. My score was 88.925.

As this is my first blog on www.yougo4it.co.uk I thought I would give you a bit of background about my training and what's involved. Basically I train 6 days a week for around 32 hours a week so about 5 or 6 hours a day. It's important I warm up first of all as I am using lots of different muscle groups so I need to make sure all my muscles are warm before I start training. This helps prevent an injury. I then do up to 45 minutes of strength and body conditioning work followed by practicing on the different apparatus. This would also be when I would learn any new tricks. I train at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club with Louis Smith who was featured on this website last year.

The food I eat is really important to make sure my body is in the best condition to cope with the demands of intensive training and competing. I try to avoid fast foods like fry-ups and take-aways and try to eat foods with lots of protein. Before competitions I cut out certain carbohydrates so that I can get to the right weight for competing. In 2010 I will be working towards three big competitions. In March there is the American Cup where all the big names in gymnastics will be there competing for the All Round competition. Later in the spring is the European Championships which is a team competition and then in the autumn it will be the World Championships which is also a team competition.

Since winning the medal at the World Championships my life has been extremely busy. I reclaimed the All Round British Title at the end of October so it was a great month for me.

The next month I went on holiday for two weeks to Disneyland in Orlando. It was amazing as we went to all the theme parks, visited sea world and even went diving with the sharks. I loved it!
In the middle of November I supported Children In Need. I was on the live broadcast in Glasgow where I was challenged to complete as many circles on the Pommel Horse as possible in 60 seconds. In the time I managed 62 circles! I donated £1 of my own money for every circle I completed plus OPUS Energy backed this challenge and donated £1000 so I was delighted so much money was raised.

Another November event was the filming of Question of Sport where I was appearing alongside team captain, Matt Dawson and cricketer, Matthew Hoggard. This aired on 4th December and I am pleased to say our team won.

Probably the biggest event I have been involved with was the BBC Sports Personality of the Year on Sunday 13th December in Sheffield. It was an amazing night. This is the second year I have been to these awards but this year I did a gymnastics display in the middle of the arena.
Come back soon to find out what I got up to at Christmas and New Year

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