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Why I didn't go to the Commonwealth Games
Date: 26/11/2010
Well things changed rather a lot after I wrote my last blog. You probably saw on the news all the
  Peter doing a diving demonstration  
hype around the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. In the build up to this event there was a huge amount of negative press saying that the organisers weren't ready for the event. We could see the news of a bridge and roof collapsing as well as images of athlete accommodation that didn't appear to be ready for the hundreds of athletes that were due to arrive any day. There was talk of athletes getting ill too.

As I was planning on going to the Commonwealth Games this news was really concerning. I have two young children and my wife to consider and they were also worried about me travelling out there. My family mean everything to me and I have to put them first in all that I do. It was a very difficult decision but at the very last minute I decided not to go. The reason this decision was so hard was I had been building up to this event for the whole year and having won medals at the last two Commonwealth Games I really wanted to see what I could achieve. I was so disappointed not to be going but at the time the decision was the right one for me.

I didn't watch much of the Commonwealth Games coverage on TV as I found it too hard just watching it as wanted to be there competing. Looking back I have learnt that you shouldn't listen to the press as the games went smoothly and the English team had some brilliant performances. I can't change what happened now though so I have to focus on the future and the competitions coming up in 2011.

Last month I did a presentation for LloydsTSB with my old synchronised diving partner, Leon Taylor. Lean spoke about the Local Heroes campaign where LloydsTSB sponsor young athletes. I then did a diving demonstration. This event was at an old army pool in Weymouth and it was difficult to perform the dives as the facilities were much older than I am used and the platform was pretty wobbly. It was a fun event to be involved with though and was nice to be working with Leon again as we are still great friends.

On Monday 8th November I got involved with an awareness campaign called National School Meals Week. I was asked to open a new school kitchen at Foundry Lane School in Southampton. It was a great day and after cutting the ribbon to open the kitchen I had a school lunch with the pupils. I then did a question and answer session in the afternoon. The children were brilliant and really interested in everything I have done so asked lots of questions!

I've recently had a few weeks off training but am now back in action and preparing for a competition at the beginning of December. The build up to London 2012 begins now as there are two opportunities to qualify - the World Championships in 2011 and the World Cup in 2012.
Hope you will come back soon to read my next blog and see how the final competition of the year went.
Find out how my next competition goes

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