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The end of 2010
Date: 8/1/2011

Did you support BBC Children In Need this year? At the end of November I was very much involved

with Children In Need. I taught Pudsey Bear to do a somersault live on the BBC Show. This was great fun and I got some really good pictures of Pudsey which you can see here.

I was meant to be in a competition at the beginning of December but this event was cancelled. We had a training camp so used this as an assessment competition instead. There were four of us competing including Tom Daley and Max Brick. I did the Forward 4 ½ somersaults tucked and the back 2 ½ somersaults and 2 ½ twist in the piked position, both of which are difficult dives. I was really pleased with how I dived and I won the competition.

Over Christmas I spent time with my wife and children. We stayed at home this year and my dad came over. It was really nice to be at home so the kid could play with their new toys. For New Year we had some friends over for the evening.

  Pete at Mini photoshoot  
At the beginning of January I was involved with a photo shoot with BMW in London. Tom Daley and Louis Smith are sponsored by BMW and they were planning a shoot with the sports stars the next day. This involved a trampoline being placed in between a Mini and a BMW and them doing some jumps which would be photographed. I helped them with their test photos so they could make sure everything went well the next day. It was a fun day!

Training wise I am busy preparing for the British Gas National Cup which takes place in Southend at the end of January. Last year I won this event by 40 points and am hoping to retain my title but I will face tough competition from Tom Daley. I have also just found out that I will be partnering Tom in the synchronised event so this will be our first competition diving together. We will train together beforehand and I am excited about how this partnership will work.


Come back soon to find out how this event went.

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