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An intro into track cycling
Date: 25/2/2011
My name is Jess Varnish and I am going to be writing the blogs for the next four months here on yougo4it.

I will start by telling you a little bit about what I do. I am a track sprint cyclist and mainly focus on the Team Sprint which is over 250 metres and I am usually Man 1. This event is all about speed.

I also do the individual sprint which is a really tactical event where only two riders race against each other at a time. These races are usually very close and you have to compete in several different rounds before you would be in a race fighting for a medal.

And I compete in the Keirin. This is where you ride for 6.5 laps behind a motorbike and then have 2 laps racing against each other to the finish. Whilst riding behind the motorcycle the battle is to be the first bike behind and then once the motorcycle leavers the track it's a sprint finish to the line. It's very exciting!

My love of cycling began at a very young age as my dad has always been a keen cyclist. I started mountain biking when I was about 5 years old and was track cycling by the age of 7 years.
At the moment I train six days a week, twice a day. I do a lot of work on weights to build up my strength and power as well as track sessions to work on speed and stamina. It's important that I follow a healthy diet where I am eating enough food for energy and getting plenty of protein to help my muscles. We have a nutritionist to help us through British Cycling.

I have just got back from a World Cup event in Melbourne where we won a silver medal in the team event. Other recent successes include a Gold medal in the World Cup event in Columbia and silver in the European Championships in 2010.

The World Cup in Manchester and World Championships in Holland are coming up so all my training is building up to those events.

In my spare time I like to see my friends and family and I am also doing a reflexology course which I really enjoy.

My main focus at the moment is to keep working hard and improving with the 2012 London Olympic Games now just 18 months away. Being able to compete in front of my home country will be fantastic!

In my next blog I will talk about how the World Cup event in Manchester went and how my preparations are going ahead of the World Championships in Holland.

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