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Read about my trip to Chile
Date: 30/4/2012
Nearly all of my time has been taken up with training and competing during March and April. Lots of the tournaments have been international so I have been doing quite a lot of travelling too. I have continued to train in Austria when possible as this has helped financially.

I was really disappointed to find out that I hadn't been select to play for Team GB in the World Championships. This shows how close the battle is for those London 2012 places but I am staying strong and focused and doing everything I can in the build up to team selection.

One of the main events was the Spanish Open. This is a Pro Tour which takes place every year. The group stages went really well for me and I won my group. Unfortunately I then lost in the first round to one of the best players in the world. However it was quite a close match so good progress for me. I was in Spain for a week before heading back to the UK. It was only one day before I was back on a plane and heading out to Chile.

This country wasn't what I was expecting though and it was quite a strange experience as I funded myself and went alone. Normally when I compete I would have a coach with me who would be able to watch and advise on improvements I could make. By being there on my own I had to work it all out myself. In the competition I lost in round 2 to a Japanese player who is ten years older than me. It shows how many more years I could have competing at this sport professionally as I am still very young in the sport.

After a month in Chile it was time to head home. My journey back was a nightmare as the airline was on strike and I was stranded for 13 hours ahead of a 13 hour flight home. Not good!
Since being back in the UK there has been lots of attention around the single I was involved with for Coca-Cola with Mark Ronson and Katy B. It is called "Anywhere in the World". This was where the artists used the sound of me playing table tennis in their track along with other sports stars. It's been really exciting and something I have loved being involved with.

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone for reading my blogs over the last few months but it is now time for me to hand over the baton to the next athlete. Hope you will continue to follow my journey. Thanks for reading.

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