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The build up to the British Championships
Date: 8/6/2012
In May I went to a European training camp where I sadly picked up small injuries in my back and foot. I had to have injections into them both to help my body recover in time for the British Team Championships. Training went OK despite the injury and I was ready to compete on the 20th May.

The aim of this event was to give me chance to get back into the swing of competing. It was a big step for me. Because of the injury, I had to do more simple routines so that I could concentrate on just getting through each one safely.

My bar routine went well and I finished in second place which was great but in the vault I finished in 8th place. In the warm up of my beam routine I hurt my foot on the dismount so was really worried about how this element would go in competition. However I had a good routine and actually finished in 1st place. I was really pleased with how this competition had gone overall and it gave me something to work on with the Olympic trials just a few weeks away.

The following week was half term and my training schedule changed so that I was training from 9am till 5pm each day. This was hard work but really important with so many competitions coming up.

After half term I went to Ipswich for a second trial. This was Team GB1 versus Team GB2 and Spain/Finland. I was part of Team GB1. We decided it was safer for me not to compete in the floor event but I did the vault, bars and beam. For the first time in two years I upgraded my vault to include the double twist. This went well and I finished in 3rd place. In the bars I also managed to do an upgraded routine and finished in 2nd place. However I had problems in the beam routine and finished in last place in this discipline. There was a second day of competition so I had to just put the beam routine to the back of my mind and focus on what lay ahead. The next day went well and I finished in 4th place overall. This was a good step forward for me.

I then had two full weeks at home to relax and train in preparation for the official Olympic trial. Read my next blog to see what happened at the trial.

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