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A Gold Medal for Lucy
Date: 1/7/2007

Lucy receiving her gold medal
Hi again its Lucy.  When I last spoke, I was off to Manchester with my new club Shaftesbury and Barnet.  We travelled up and stayed at a hotel, so this gave me a chance to meet some of the other athletes in the club.  I stayed in a room with Lucy Yates, who was doing the 3000m.  She has been with the club for a few years now and she introduced me to some of her friends.  They were all really nice and we got on well.  

The competition was at the new Manchester arena, which had been built as the warm up area for the Commonwealth Games.  It was one of the nicest arenas I have run at.  Unfortunately the on going injury that I have had in my ankle was worse then ever, and I had to compete in the high jump just to get one point for the club.  I only managed 1.55 as I retired after one jump.  It was really disappointing for me!  But the highlight of my day was the 100m hurdles, where I was up against the top two in England - Jessica Ennis and Sara McGreevy.  I was really nervous as this was my first race against senior women, then there was the false start - more butterflies!! When we finally got away, I was matching Jessica to the first hurdle, but after that all I could see was her disappearing into the distance!  I finished 5th in a time of 14.07 and was pleased with my first start at a senior competition.  I also watched the other "you go 4 it" athlete Andy Turner.  He ran the 100m and 200m, as he was having a rest from hurdles, he ran so fast and won both his races!  It was amazing to watch!

Next big event was the under 20 National Heptathlon Championships.  This was at Stoke, so was an early start for my Dad and I!  My preparation wasn't great as my ankle was still giving me trouble!  But I had found a new special strapping for my ankle and was praying it would get me through the high jump!  Unfortunately things got off to a bad start!  I hit a hurdle really hard when I was challenging for the lead and although the time was respectable 14.30, I think I may have got under 14 seconds if I had picked up my legs!!  Next was high jump, only managed a 1.63, but I was in terrible pain the whole way through the event, as the strapping only held my ankle together for my warm up jumps.  After the shot putt I retired from the whole competition, very very disappointed after all the hard work.  I was almost in tears, but the support and encouragement from my fellow competitors when they knew what had happened made things a little better. Heptathletes are a fantastic bunch and whilst we all want to win, the friendship between us makes this sport something very special - I love it!!

Next week physio and MRI scan.  Results are not conclusive but I will have to stop jumping until things settle down and I may have to have an injection or operation on my ankle to try and sort it out!  But I can still hurdle, sprint and throw, so things could be a lot worse!

17th June - South of England Championships.  I had entered the hurdles and javelin, but they clashed, so I chose to concentrate on the hurdles.  It was a really windy day so the times were not going to be great! I won my heat and after a 2 hour break, we all lined up for the final.  Last year I managed to come second and this year I managed to do one better Under 20 South of England Champion! Was so happy after all the upset with the heptathlon!

24th June - Under 20 National Championships at Bedford.  Hurdles again and I should have picked up a medal!  I was second in my heat and had the second fastest time over all!  But when it came to the final I had the worst start of all time!  If you look up worst start of all time in the dictionary there would be a picture of me! I was coming last over the first hurdle, and had to battle my way to 4th place, I was 100th of a second off 3rd!  It was once again disappointing, but I was actually pleased with how I did race, I kept my form all the way through the and never gave up! But being a heptathlete, you can't afford to have a bad start against specialised hurdlers! But I learnt a lot again!!

Well those are the competitions for the month but training is hard as ever, but I feel stronger all the time and when I have a day off, I cant wait to be back on the track again! I am waiting for some news on an International in August and I might have something exciting to tell you in my next blog!

I hope that you enjoyed my ramblings and that you may be encouraged to join
your local club - its hard work, but great fun and 2012 gets closer and closer! Take care!!

Nottingham City Council
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