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In or Out

Want to keep up with all the latest trends?  Donít wanna be caught out this year?  Then check out what is in and out this week. 

- We're finally seeing some and loving it.
Summer clothes
- Shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses and sandals is what it's all about.
- We are all gearing up for Wimbledon 2013.
Outdoor sports
- Spring brings a while new season of sports, which is your favourite?
- With exams coming up it's time to get revising.
Feeling cold
- No need to feel cold now the warmer weather is here.
Falling out
- Don't waste time falling out with friends.   Just hug and make up.
Sleeping in
- When the sun is shining, jump up and leap out of bed!
- If you are feeling bored get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air.
Being unhealthy
- When the sun is shining it's a great time to eat the right food and be healthy.
Southampton City Council
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